This site is dedicated to the memory of my father, Herbert Frohna,
without whose love and patience, my life would not be as fulfilling as it is today.

Craig Frohna's
                  Piano Service LLC

Celebrating 48 Years of Service to:

Milwaukee County
Waukesha County
Southern Ozaukee County
Western Racine County


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Office: 262-821-0500  /  E-mail:

Text Only: 262-470-5295 / Please leave your name

Tuning on all modern makes and models, 1950's and newer. (Spinets / Consoles / Studios, & Grands) Sorry, no player pianos.

I no longer tune old tall upright pianos and grands from the 1940's or earlier, which include old player pianos.

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What type of piano do you own?

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